Poetry Reflection


The Worm Has Turned

The worm has turned,

I’ve had enough,

Won’t keep being treated this way.

This doormat refuses

To keep being used 

Taking everything that comes my way.

It’s time to find 

A dumping ground that 

Doesn’t’ have my name on.

Feel now is the time

To ring the changes,

And think for once of me.

Yes, the worm has turned,

A new day dawn’s,

And with it a new me!

Lucy Fox-Walton.


Unsung Heroes

They do the jobs,

That we would rather not do.

The jobs we frequently will not do.

Caring for the elderly,

The sick disabled and dying.

The people in society,

That perhaps need more,

Than we are prepared to give.

Police officers trying to defend our streets,

Walking social workers mopping up those,

Who society ignores.

What they do is not glamorous,

It carries little prestige.

Yet without them and what they do

Our world would be a lesser place.

For they give care, were most do not.

They give consideration and thought

That most have forgotten.

We hope that we will never need their care or attention.

For none of us would like to be so reduced.

Despite all they do,

We rare give credit

To the unsung heroes of our world.

The carers, nurses and Police 

The frequently invisible army

Who make our lives more bearable

With all they do.

Lucy Fox-Walton 2012.